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Metrocat is a famous Australian broker company specialising in all business dealing with Cat Equipment ranging from purchase to insurance to financing. Our main advantage over the competition is our direct connection to Cat Equipment Manufacturing and distributing companies and our extensive network of insurance and financing companies. 


Backhoe Loaders

A Backhoe loader is one of the equipment with a unit similar to a tractor’s and consist of a backhoe on the back and a loader on the front. The loaders are very small and versatile, hence efficient in engineering and construction works for excavation, materials’ transportation, breaking asphalt, landscaping etc. Its notable features of a backhoe loader include a mounting structure, hydraulic circuits, clamshell etc.

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Wheel Loaders

A wheel loader is a special kind of loader that is used for loading and carriage. It simply makes the whole process safer, profitable and specific. It is characterised by outstanding internal and external specifications and features such as durability, versatility, convenience, reliability, fuel efficiency and user-friendliness. Wheel loaders vary based on size and therefore includes compact, small, medium and large wheel loaders.

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Compactors are fantastic equipment that is similar to loaders. They perform several functions, which are not limited to soil, refill and paving applications. As compactors, there are different forms of compactors, including landfill compactors, pneumatic rollers, soil compactors, Tandem vibratory rollers, and vibratory soil compactors.

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Dozers are great tools for mining and give works excellent finishing. Also, there are different dozers with various specifications for different needs. The Dozers may be small, medium, or large. Another type of dozer is the wheel dozer.

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Excavators are extensive construction equipment used on sites, primarily related to the construction used for mining, digging holes, landscaping, and lifting and structure destruction. Although compared with backhoe loaders sometimes, they are largely different.

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Are you looking forward to buying or renting a Telehandler? Metro offers various options that satisfy different needs and requirements. Telehandlers are the best Cat equipment where it concerns life and reaches capability. It has a unique design and modern features that give 360 visibility. Also, they are characterised by high performing specifications that are best in construction applications.
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SKID Steer Loaders

The Metro Equipment directory also includes Skid steer loaders. It is designed majorly for challenging work and is highly recommended for its dependability, durability and efficiency. There are various models to choose from to meet different demands.
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Equipment Finance

Equipment financing is, therefore, how companies seek capitals or borrow loans to purchase or maintain their tools and equipment. Usually, most companies’ driving force is gaining profit, which may be affected if instruments are bought directly from the company’s purse. The process provides you with the money for the purchase with or without collateral and as a loan to be repaid in instalments.
Insurance policy


Purchasing equipment, especially where it involves a considerable amount of money, is considered huge investments. Such investments, therefore, need protection which insurance offers. Hence, insurance consists of a process of protecting equipment against potential loss or damage or accidents. Insurance policies are bought for a fee known as the premium. In case of any mishap or damage to the equipment, the insurance company redeem such by paying for the damaged part.

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