Compactors are fantastic equipment that is similar to loaders. They perform several functions, which are not limited to soil, refill and paving applications. As compactors, there are different forms of compactors, including landfill compactors, pneumatic rollers, soil compactors, Tandem vibratory rollers, and vibratory soil compactors.

Landfill Compactors

Landfill compactors have improved features with excessive guarding and consideration for placement in most components to get the most durable compactor. There are different models which are

Landfill Compactors 816K

This compactor has an operating weight of 25809 kg on a 212kW gross power and 185kW net power. It is designed explicitly for landfill operations and includes new technological trends. The features include the fact that it is fuel-efficient, and the hydraulic system offers an exemplary steering system. Also, the efficiency is increased by the variable displacement pump that allows operators to change positioning.

Furthermore, it is reliable and durable. It does not harm the environment and provides built-in safety features. Overall, the specifications are excellent with different new parts such as standard and suppression CAB operations.

Landfill Compactor 826K

The compactor operates based on a new engine weighing 40917kg at 324kW gross power and 302kW net power. It has an eco-mode feature that enables the compactor changes to auto-shift if it is not working and a left pedal function as a brake. The hydraulic systems provide efficiency and ascertain a level of control to the operator.

The compactor is long-lasting and performs with minimal fuel. Productivity also increased with its technological features.

Pneumatic Compactor

They are rollers suitable for courses such as wear and binder courses. The compactors also deal in the compaction of natural soils and materials with cement or lime. It is produced in different sizes and models, which include


The compactor operates on a standard empty weight of 10000kg and is slightly wide, measuring at 2090 mm. It is made up of various specifications and options, which include ballast options, oscillating tires etc.

Soil Compactor

This soil compactor is built purposely for soil operations. It utilises the soil density at the maximum level through a tip design, machine weight effect and speed level. The models include Soil compactors 815K—825 K, 815 etc., that have different engine types and performance levels.

Tandem Vibratory Rollers

The rollers have been described as very efficient and are available in different sizes and settings to perform any function. They consist of large double-drums and are very simple to set up. The available models include Tandem Vibratory rollers CB1.8, CB1.7, CB 2.5 and so on. The number increases as the performance level increases.

Vibratory Soil Compactors

Like other types of compactors, they are very productive and reliable. They offer varying options, such as high performance, speed, and classes for several operations. The available vibratory soil compactors include CP54B, CS10GC, and CS11 GC.

The compactors are effective in carrying out various onsite operations. Hence, their importance cannot be over-emphasised. We offer sale and purchase services as well as rentals and financing. We offer one of the best services in Australia and beyond and with great speed.