Dozers are great tools for mining and give works excellent finishing. Also, there are different dozers with various specifications for different needs. The Dozers may be small, medium, or large. Another type of dozer is the wheel dozer.

Small Dozers

Small Dozers are designed to fulfil specific needs and involve speed optimisation, transportability, ease of operation, gradeability and versatility. They are standard on construction sites and are the best tool for residential building projects because they help to grade and clear effectively. The functions include sloping and back-filling. Some of the available models are

Medium Dozers

The significant difference is evident in increased productivity and efficiency. It assists the operator to gather enough materials within time. Also, it consists of attributes that would show that it is cost-effective, mainly by reducing the operating costs. Some medium dozers are examined below.

Large Dozers

Large dozers perform heavier jobs because of increased performance features. It reduces the work time to the barest minimum but still effortless finishes jobs. It is easy to maintain and thus cost-effective.

There are different models of large dozers with Cat C18 engines. They contain similar features with small and medium dozers but with increased size and productivity level. Also, most of the dozers are optimised for adequate control.


The Small Dozer D1 operates through a Cat C3.6 engine type, 59.7kW net power and with an operating weight of 8099kg. The dozer is packed with technological features which ensure high performance and increase its responsiveness. Most importantly, it does not consume fuel and hence, is cost-effective. The characteristics include

The specifications contain details on hydraulic buttons, ripper, winch, air conditioning system, undercarriage, engines etc.

Medium Dozer D4

D4 has a Cat C4.4 engine model that combines fuel efficiency with power and conciseness and helps achieve the work in reduced time. One major characteristic of this dozer is that it is bright and can save up to 17% fuel during sites projects.

The new D4 was originally D6K2 and had similar features, although the former significantly improved the latter and made the job a lot simpler.

Medium Dozer D5

Its performance is sensitive and responsive and, therefore, much reliable. It offers the best performance by ensuring easy transmission for a significant acceleration process, speedy cycle times and durability.

It is much more spacious with a more glass area and 10 inches user-friendly touchscreen display. Overall, it boosts efficiency and promotes value and durability.

Wheel Dozers

Wheel Dozer is the last set of dozers with exceptional capabilities. Like large dozers, they are designed for heavier duties that are, demanding jobs. They perform various functions such as mining, stockpiling, cleaning, road improvement, and travels.

The available models include 814, 814K, 824K and 834K.

Dozers, otherwise called bulldozers, are available for sale and purchase. We also assist you in the rental purchase. If you need any type of dozer, kindly send us an email with the details provided below.