Excavators are extensive construction equipment used on sites, primarily related to the construction used for mining, digging holes, landscaping, and lifting and structure destruction. Although compared with backhoe loaders sometimes, they are largely different.

There are six types of excavators which include:

Mini Excavators

These excavators are the minor type of excavators but with excellent performance level. It has different model variants which are not limited to

Mini Excavators 300.9D

The mini excavator has an operating weight of 935kg, working on a net power of about 9.6kW and the digging depth is measured at 1731 mm.

It works in tight corners and does not involve technical skills to be able to operate. It consists of a range of applications that are versatile and utilised for various jobs. Its benefits include


The mini excavator is very portable and compact because the operator can navigate through narrow edges and roads. Also, it allows for efficient indoor and outdoor job performance that makes ease transportation of trailers.


Compared to the size, the excavator performs various functions and still brings out high and valuable outputs.


The accessibility feature characterises convenience. Also, it is easy to manage.

Furthermore, the compact dimensions include a digging depth of 1731mm, an undercarriage width of 864mm and a height of 1507mm. It contains a hydraulic system with two gear pumps, a 170 operating pressure bar, and a tank capacity of 14l.

Small Excavators

When there are not enough space and the applications are small, the best excavator is the Small excavator. It is the next powerful excavator after the mini size. It operates through a cost-effective and fuel-efficient Cat engine that assists you to complete your work on time.

The available excavator includes 311F L RR, 313, 313F L GC, 313F L etc. Also, it involves low-cost maintenance.

Medium Excavators

Medium Excavators are middle-sized excavators used for slightly bigger applications. It functions with power, improving technology trends, comfortable cabs and Cat attachments.

Medium Excavators include Medium Excavators 320 GC, 320, 323, 325, 326 etc.



The large excavators are great for substantial excavation applications. Its features include a versatile and durable hydraulic system, great attachments, and powerful Cat engines.

Like other excavators, it has unlimited models, such as the large excavators 336 GC and 336.


As the name suggests, the primary purpose of these excavators is demolition. It reduces buildings into block pieces with spacious and purposeful cabs, boom and very high reach configurations.

One particular model type of demolition excavation is the 340F UHD. The demolition excavator weighs 53108kg operatively, and at stick nose, the maximum weight is 3600kg. It does not require a high cost of maintenance and helps you through work applications with improved visibility.

Again, it is the best excavator for demolishing or destroying buildings because of its high productivity and applications performance, unique attachments, heavy-duty construction etc.

Its service refill capacities are not limited to a 620l fuel capacity, 43l coolers, 32l engine oil, and 420l hydraulic system.