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Purchasing equipment, especially where it involves a considerable amount of money, is considered huge investments. Such investments, therefore, need protection which insurance offers. Hence, insurance consists of a process of protecting equipment against potential loss or damage or accidents. Insurance policies are bought for a fee known as the premium. In case of any mishap or damage to the equipment, the insurance company redeem such by paying for the damaged part.

Generally, we have different kinds of insurance, such as vehicle insurance, fire insurance, life assurance, and equipment insurance. Equipment insurance deals with securing protection against any equipment accident, damage or loss.

Metrocat offers various insurance options. We connect with different insurance firms and companies that provide insurance policies for equipment protection. For example, one can insure against work machine accidents.

We secure the best policies from a wide range of insurance companies throughout the country at competitive rates. Our services are delivered with due diligence, dependable and affordable. 

It involves a straightforward process of sending mail which we reply to within 24hours of receipts. Our email details are provided below.

Equipment insurance covers damage to equipment or injuries resulting from the use of equipment, theft, legal or medical liabilities, fire, explosion, etc.

Insurance policies usually provide compensation for costs expended on repairs or maintenance on equipment damage insurance, and in cases where unexpected liabilities arise as a result of accidents from the equipment, an insurance policy exists to cover such. However, insurance policies are usually bought before such an incident, and the insurance company will conduct investigations to confirm it was indeed an accident and not intentional conduct.

Nonetheless, insurance purchase involves specific considerations. 

The Existence of the Equipment

Premiums paid on equipment differ based on the equipment’s quality because insurance policies deal with the interests of the owner in the equipment. Hence, how much is invested in the equipment matters.

Types of Equipment

Cat Equipment include backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, excavators, compactors etc. and, therefore, must involve different variables in terms of designs and prices. Consequently, interests also differ and, therefore, the insurance coverage.

The Price of the Equipment

The price of the equipment determines the value of the equipment, which is a parameter for measuring the due premium to be paid. For instance, if the equipment is used, there will be less coverage for it and the premium paid is cheaper than that paid for a new one.

Personal Interest

Premiums are levied on the personal interest of the owner. Hence, a worthless product is not insurable.

Quality of Equipment

The quality of equipment is incidental to the kind of interest the owner has and determines the property’s value.

Location of Equipment

Usually, the equipment resides with the new owner or lessee. Also, insurance companies always like to conduct inspections on equipment before completing the registration policy to ascertain the position of the equipment at the time of insurance.


The consent of the owner is integral to the registration process. Otherwise, a valid contract may not be formed.

Insurance policies are great for covering risks, and therefore, we advise all our clients to get one once a piece of equipment is purchased. The whole company may also be insured, although it is pricier.

Man preparing an Insurance Claim Form