SKID Steer Loaders

The Metro Equipment directory also includes Skid steer loaders. It is designed majorly for challenging work and is highly recommended for its dependability, durability and efficiency.

There are various models to choose from to meet different demands, and they include

The Skid loader operates on a gross power of 38kW and an operating weight of 2,581kg. It offers excellent benefits, which include

Outstanding Hydraulics

The hydraulic system is a combination of powerful features that portrays reliability. The system provides the lift and tilt operations, and it powers the auxiliary source of light that drives work tools and a cooler. The hydraulic is mounted on the loader arm.

24/7 Comfort

The loader specifications and tools are integral to the provision of comfort in it. They are accessible, user-friendly and made up of excellent workspace.

Easy Access to the Tools for Operation

The tools include backhoe, brooms, brush cutter, cold planers, tillers, rakers, blades, trenchers, buckets, stumping grinders etc. and they all easily accessible.

Skid Steer Loaders 216 B

It has a gross power of 38 kW, an operating capacity of 635kg and a total weight of 2581kg and regarded as the best loader for applications, landscaping, tiling, and mining, among other operations. The features of a skid loader include high performing hydraulics, comfortable Cab features, and accessibility.

For its service refill capacities, the cooling system, together with the engine case, can contain 10l. The tank can take up to 58l fuel, and the hydraulic tank can only take 35l.

Warehouse man worker with forklift.

Skid Steer Loaders 226B3

The skid loader is powered by one of the excellent engines supported by 2641 total operating capacity. The greatest feature of the loader is its portability that can carry a tipping load of 1360kg.


Operating control panels or levers with buttons and steering wheel in forklift

Skid Steer Loaders 226D3

The three primary characteristics of a skid loader are smartness, comfort and high performance. The total operating weight is 2653kg on a gross power of 50.1kW.

The steering loader provides excellent mid-lift reach and allows flawless digging operation. The loader offers about 15% more space to the Cab room and a 30% new buckets line.

The smartness is displayed through successful tool compatibility and new technological trends. It also consists of industry Firsts and tailor controls.

Another type of Skid Steer loader is the 232D3.

The specifications include


45.5 Gross power, 2.2l displacement, 100mm, 84mm bore on a cat engine model of C2.2T.


680 operating Capacity and 726 with a counterweight that is not compulsory. The tilt cylinder, on the other hand, weighs 1852kg.


It consists of various flows, such as the standard loader of 23000kPa.


The cabs include ROPS and FOPS, which are produced in different years.


The power train can still travel 2.7kn/h.

Service Refill Capacities

They include a 6l chain box, a 10l crankcase and a cooling system. The fuel tank has 58l with a system of 55l capacity.


The different parts of the loader have diverse dimensions. For instance, the wheelbase measures 986mm, and the length is 3233mm if it is joined with a bucket and 2519 without a bucket.

Overall, the performance results are great.