Wheel Loaders

A wheel loader is a special kind of loader that is used for loading and carriage. It simply makes the whole process safer, profitable and specific. It is characterised by outstanding internal and external specifications and features such as durability, versatility, convenience, reliability, fuel efficiency and user-friendliness.

Wheel loaders vary based on size and therefore includes compact, small, medium and large wheel loaders.  These sizes also come in models which include

Compact Wheel loader 903D

This compact 903D delivers excellent service and is very versatile. It is user-friendly and can improve productivity by 25% through its new engine features.

The benefits of this loader are numerous, which include:


It offers ease and convenience through its accelerated speed level and increased tipping capacity. Also, the hydraulic coupler is flexible and adaptive to changes, and most importantly, the operator can change the tools without getting out of the loader.

Furthermore, features such as a flexible joystick, proper positioning of the pedal, free entry and exit, improved visibility and optional ride control enhance most functions that provide comfort during operation.

Purposeful Configuration

The loader is specially configured for success with new features that are not limited to a great and highly efficient engine and ground speed control. The loader has varying options that the work tool harness option can effectively run.


The rear hood helps you gain access to the engine compartment with coolers, air cleaner, radiator screen and transparent separator.

Specifications for wheel loader 903D include an engine with 31kW gross power, 87mm Bore, and 102mm Stroke, 4270kg operating weight which can travel a speed of 20km/h. The hydraulic system offers 240 main reliefs. Others include standard service refill capacities and made up of light material.

Compact Wheel Loader 906K

The 906K wheel loader has an operating weight of 5600kg and a maximum gross power of 55kW. It does not differ significantly from the 903D and also serves the following benefits.

Impressive Performance

The loader offers an impressive result produced from its unique features, such as tipping loads. It proffers perfect solutions to all customers’ problems.

Easy Manoeuvrability

This function is powered by the hydraulic system, which offers easy control with a speedy cycle and low contribution. Also, the joystick monitors the operations, and therefore, the operator can change the loader’s functioning with a button press.

Optimised Operations

It performs various functions such as digging, carriage or lifting, among others and therefore, very versatile. Also, it carries loads with definite control.

Compact Wheel Loader 906M

The 906M delivers enormous breakout forces due to its unique hydraulics, which helps the operator control the machine operation. It does not make noise and is spacious.

Apart from its high level of versatility, it offers the following benefits, which are

Great Performance

All of its features, e.g. the hydrostatic transmission system, offers impressive performance. Also, the ground speed level enhances effective and timely digging cycles.


All the features can be easily accessible and involve no technicalities. For example, the operator can alter the functioning of the loader with a button.

Comfortable Space

It is mainly spacious and consists of features designed for comfort and convenience.

The above are only a few examples of wheel loaders and are all compact. At Metro cat, we engage in trade of loaders, financing and insurance, among other brokerage services.

415 Backhoe Loader

The 415-backhoe loader is one of the most efficient loaders for construction and engineering projects. It consists of features such as a significant operator station, manoeuvrability controls and is very durable and has high-performing functions. It also has stabiliser pads, security systems, a quick coupler and joystick controls.

The backhoe loader is safe for operations with silent hydraulics and high visibility. Most importantly, it is fuel-efficient.

415IL Industrial Loader

This industrial loader has a maximum operating weight of 17637lb and operates with a Cat C3.6. Its specifications include a versatile engine, closed centre hydraulic system, excellent service refill capacities, simple steering controls, Axle ratings and efficient transmissions.

The standard equipment is not limited to an audible fault alarm, air cleaner, drink holders, coat restraint, indicators, among other parts.

415F2 Backhoe Loader

The backhoe loader has a 68HP net power, fuel-efficient engine and displacement. The backhoe dip depth has two measurements in standard and E-stick extended, and the standard dip depth is measured at 14.3ft while the E-stick rose at 17.9ft.

The maximum operating weight is 24251lb, and the hydraulic systems, like most others, are closed centre. There are two lights both at the front and at the rear. In essence, the system’s overall performance is excellent and has been positively reviewed over the years

416 Backhoe Loaders

The engine specifications include a net power of 86HP, 220in displacement and 10000ft power rating, and has a 1.4ft standard dig depth.

The 416-backhoe loader is common on sites and has a maximum operating weight measured at 24251 lb. Its attachments and equipment are similar to other backhoe loaders.

Overall, it functions significantly and does not consume much fuel.